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                    healthyupdateslife is accepting Guest Post


                                    Go through the guidelines for submitting guest post

  • Content Length should 3000+ Words
  • Avoid the Basics
  • Preferably Evergreen contents
  • Write well researched in-depth Content
  • Write it in Active Voice
  • Content Should be properly Formatted
  • No Fluffy Content, Each sentence should add value.
  • Use Relevant Images and Videos ( no copyright images)
  • Paragraphs Not more than 3 lines or 50 words
  • 1 Do follow links will be given
  • Mention Author Bio
  • Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes
  • Send the File in Docx format.
  • Well designed Infographics
  • No Plagiarized Content will be Accepted
  • No Promotional Content, Only educational contents are accepted
  • Should have a Featured image
  • No Press releases will be accepted
  • Preferably send 3 to 5 Topic ideas before send the final draft.
  • Share the Google doc link in the email. (mentioned below)


                                                 Once the article is published, will let you know by email
  • We reply within 1 to 2 Working days
  • We do not pay or charge for guest post
  • We have the right to modify or edit the contents
  • We might not approve , if the content doesn’t meet our guidelines
  • We have the right to remove any irrelevant links
  • Any other queries you can contact us by email

         We are accepting Evergreen article topics like “top 10”

                                                        Topics you Can write guest blog

  • one health pass                                                                     health department
  • healthcare marketplace                                                         health and wellness
  • health anxiety                                                                        health and welfare
  • health administration                                                             health and wellness center
  • health articles                                                                         healthy diet
  • about mental health                                                               healthy breakfast
  • healthy relationship                                                            health belief model
  • health benefits                                                                       health benefits of daily life
  • bright health                                                                           better health
  • health connector                                                                    health care
  • health care marketplace                                                        health commerce system
  • health connector login                                                           health center
  • health connect                                                                       community health choice
  • health department near me                                                    health definition
  • health disparities definition                                                     health disparities examples
  • health dept near me                                                               health department phone number
  • dignity health                                                                          defense health 
  • health education                                                                    environmental health
  • health for life                                                                          health food store
  • follow my health                                                                     Friday health plans

Google Advanced Search for finding guest blogging opportunities

Keyword or Topic + “write for us”

Examples mentioned below

  • health gifts + “write for us”                                       health goals examples + “write for us”
  • health goals for 2023 + “submit guest post”            gut health + “submit guest post”
  • health help + “guest blog”                                        health hazard + “guest blog”
  • health hub + “guest blogging”                                  health hazard blueprint + “guest blogging”
  • health habits + “submit articles”                               health Hutt + “submit articles”
  • how to gut health + “contribute”                               how to mental health + “contribute”
  • how to test mental health + “guest blogger”             health informatics + “guest blogger”
  • health images + “guest post”                                   health information management + “guest post”


  • insurance health + “write for us”                                        health journal + “write for us”
  • health jobs + “submit guest post”                                      health jobs near me + “submit guest post”
  • health justice+ “guest blog”                                               health jobs remote + “guest blog”
  • health jokes + “guest blogging”                                         health juice + “guest blogging”
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  • health kids + “contribute”                                                   health knowledge + “contribute”
  • health karma + “guest blogger”                                          health literacy + “guest blogger”
  • health link + “guest post”                                                    health labs + “guest post”

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